Friazascape gameplay

Travel the world, learn Magical abilities and master your elements. Beat up monsters with magical punches and kicks, complete quests for Drelch to spent on spells, pets and more! Defeat three bosses, gaining new abilities and elemental fusions along the way.



Click "Spellbook" and hold left mouse button on spell. Hold enter to run, Q,E,Z,X, CTRL for melee.


In 2010, Friaza made a game using Dream Maker named "Demon World: Final Spell" and uploaded it on "Byond". This game is a ROBLOX recreation of that, focusing more on ranged attacks than melee.


Fixed blue torso thing, made element agility spells take slightly less magic. Fixed stat next level display Nerfed Slender, Iceuron and Mizugame Made all stats 3-4x easier to train due to new players quitting instantaneously. I'm sure those who earned their stats hard will understan.

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